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Lower Merion TSA wins Regional Inspiration Award
Lower Merion TSA wins Regional Inspiration Award

The Lower Merion High School Technology Student Association (LM-TSA) was recently honored with the Regional Inspiration Award recognizing chapters who build and cultivate strong relationships in their communities with a focus on service and education. Through activities in their school districts, collaboration with other chapters, and service projects in their local and state communities, TSA Inspiration Award recipients have an impact far beyond their day-to-day technology projects.

Founded in 2002, the LM-TSA organizes several major community programs each year, including elementary school robotics camps and the Junior FIRST Lego League Expo; lends their support to the District's annual Elementary Family STEM Night; and continues to build relationships with the wider TSA community, all while competing and enjoying success at local, regional, state and national TSA competitions.

The LM-TSA recognizes the importance and impact of STEM education to younger students. Through their community outreach programs, LM-TSA strives to provide opportunities to learn, design, collaborate and cultivate a passion for STEM. Through implementing STEM education programs, building relationships with other chapters, and mentoring younger students, LM-TSA has demonstrated its commitment and dedication to help others and improve the community.

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