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Lower Merion, Harriton Science Olympiads Finish Season Among Top Teams in the Nation
Lower Merion, Harriton Science Olympiads Finish Season Among Top Teams in the Nation

Several weeks ago, Lower Merion and Harriton high schools finished in first and second place at the Pennsylvania Science Olympiad Championships, securing both of the state's bids to the National Competition and earning the right to compete against the best teams from around country in this year's virtual version of the country-wide contest.

Both District high schools finished the season strong with Lower Merion and Harriton coming in 13th and 16th place, respectively, out of the top-60 teams from around the United States. The Aces and Rams each had groups of students finish in the top-three of their events, including a pair of gold medal winners, which means that these students are the best in the country at their area of study.

Congratulations to both the Aces and Rams on an incredible season!

Water QualityMaria Wang, SydneyBlu Garcia-YaoHHS1st
Protein ModelingEmily Shang, Sasha Murray, Teresa Lu-RomeoLMHS1st
Chemistry LabBowen Ying, Owen WetherbeeLMHS2nd
Geologic MappingHanna Gao, SydneyBlu Garcia-YaoHHS3rd
Trial Detector BuildingBowen Ying, Nathan DonagiLMHS3rd
OrnithologyMaria Wang, Maria PersaudHHS4th
Disease DetectivesAmy Huang, Sasha MurrayLMHS4th
Chiropterology TrialAlexandra Duranton, Callan O'SullivanHHS5th
Sounds of MusicBowen Ying,Teresa Lu-RomeoLMHS5th
CodebustersEric Yang, Lily Guo, Teresa Lu-RomeoLMHS6th

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