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LMSD well-represented at Lower Merion Township's "Sustainable Energy Workshop"
LMSD well-represented at Lower Merion Township's "Sustainable Energy Workshop"

The Lower Merion Township Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) and the Lower Merion Conservancy (LMC) recently hosted a Sustainable Energy Workshop to discuss climate change, its practical implications for the Township and potential steps towards a sustainable future. The event included panel discussions with experts from academia, industry and government along with a Q&A session with elected commissioners, panelists and EAC members.

Representing "Student Voice on Climate Action" were Harriton High School Environmental Club officers Emma Deutsch and Homa Mirzai, who spoke about the importance of implementing practical and effective sustainability efforts throughout the community to curb the Township's carbon footprint.

"Harriton students care about the environment and are concerned about global warming," said Deutsch. "We have overwhelming concern about the impacts, but we are determined to be optimistic because we see a path to ameliorating climate change."

"While we cannot reverse the damage that has been done completely, there is no time like the present to start counteracting climate change," continued Deutsch. "We believe that Lower Merion Township and others like it have an obligation to pioneer environmental sustainability. As a society, if we have the means to make the world a better place, we should always take advantage of that."

Lower Merion School District Director of Operations Jim Lill also joined the workshop to discuss some of the District's efforts regarding energy conservation and sustainability. The District – which was among only 14 nationwide honorees of the first-ever U.S. Department of Education (USDE) Green Ribbon Schools District Sustainability Award – has a longstanding reputation for responsible environmental stewardship, including LEED Gold-certified facilities, an extensive green cleaning program, pioneering use of alternative fuels, robust K-12 environmental education programs and more.

To view the student's remarks at the Sustainable Energy Workshop, click here. The students begin to speak at the 41:02 mark. To view Jim Lill's remarks, click here. Lill begins his portion at the 51:18 mark.

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