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LMSD Students Win Many Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
LMSD Students Win Many Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Lower Merion School District students brought home nearly 90 gold and silver keys and honorable mentions from the 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. Works by students from Bala Cynwyd Middle School, Lower Merion High School and Harriton High School were selected from more than 300,000 writing and artwork entries for these honors.

Gold Key awards are judged to be the very best works submitted to local programs. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition. Silver Key awards are judged to be stand-out works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability. And Honorable Mention awards are given for accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.

The following students were among the winners:

LilaAnafiBCMSGold KeyHumorA Great Author's Guide to Success
ArunaBalasubramanianHHSGold KeyScience Fiction and FantasyYou Can Call Me "God"
ArunaBalasubramanianHHSGold KeyPoetryEssential
ArunaBalasubramanianHHSGold KeyFlash FictionEighth Color of the Rainbow
AniahBetheaBCMSSilver KeyShort StoryLittle Girl
OceaneBoxHHSGold KeyFlash FictionThe Birds
MilanCarpinielloBCMSGold KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirStart with Yes
AbigailChangLMHSSilver KeyArtFailure
HannahChenHHSGold KeyShort Storyskin
PennyCohenBCMSGold KeyNovel writing Excerpt from "I Am Who I Am--Deal With It"
PennyCohenBCMSSilver KeyPoetryHidden Spirits and The Perfect Place to Read
ChristopherdeSantisLMHSGold KeyArtEvelyn
ChristopherdeSantisLMHSHon. MenArtBradley
DrewDorfmanHHSGold KeyArtButterfly Migration Statement Necklace
DrewDorfmanHHSSilver KeyArtMorning Dew Statement Necklace
JessEichenLMHSGold KeyShort StoryMichael
JessEichenLMHSGold KeyShort StoryBox
JessEichenLMHSGold KeyShort StoryThe Opulent
JessEichenLMHSGold KeyCritical EssayThe Modern Nazi's Basilisk: An Analysis of the American Alt-Right
BenjaminElkinsLMHSGold KeyShort StoryAntiques and Silence
BenjaminElkinsLMHSGold KeyDramatic ScriptPark Bench
BenjaminElkinsLMHSGold KeyDramatic ScriptGuns and Donuts
KatherineFangLMHSGold KeyShort StoryButterflies
KatherineFangLMHSSilver KeyShort StoryThe Simplest of All Wishes
KristianaFilipovHHSGold KeyWriting PortfolioDispatches from the Trump Era
HannahGaoHHSGold KeyFlash FictionMonster
HannahGaoHHSGold KeyFlash FictionConcert Attire
HannahGaoHHSSilver KeyPoetryHearing Is Enough; I Love You, Dad
HannahGaoHHSSilver KeyPoetryFrozen
SydneyBluGarcia-YaoBCMSGold KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirSomewhere in Between
SydneyBluGarcia-YaoBCMSGold KeyShort StoryTeach me to Forgive
SydneyBluGarcia-YaoBCMSSilver KeyFlash FictionThorns
SydneyBluGarcia-YaoBCMSSilver KeyPoetrycatharsis
SydneyBluGarcia-YaoBCMSSilver KeyPoetryocean in five
SydneyBluGarcia-YaoBCMSSilver KeyPoetrymermaid
Sarah GroganHHSHon. MenArtThe Nighthawk
Sarah GroganHHSSilver KeyArt Art Portfolio of five paintings
LilyGuoLMHSHon. MenArtEdge of Autumn
JuliaHoeffnerHHSGold KeyScience Fiction and FantasyJulia, Julia, & Julia
JuliaHoeffnerHHSGold KeyArtA Modern Ruff: A New Take on the Ruff Collar of the 1600's
BellaKatzHHSSilver KeyArtAll About Me Sculptural Hollow Box
TeriKeHHSGold KeyArtMoving Box
MaddieKleinHHSSilver KeyArtButterfly Ladybug Hollow Necklace
RiyaKumarHHSSilver KeyPoetryMuse; Scars; Murky
RiyaKumarHHSSilver KeyPoetryBeauty is the Meaning of Life (Untitled; Untitled; She is Gold)
Sarah LeeHHSHon. MenArt Pot of Blues
SeanLiLMHSGold KeyFlash FictionI Hate the Sun
SeanLiLMHSGold KeyFlash FictionRandom Stories About Ordinary People
SeanLiLMHSGold KeyFlash FictionThe Boy I Used to Know
SeanLiLMHSGold KeyShort StoryThe Bananaman
SeanLiLMHSGold KeyShort StoryThick Earther
SeanLiLMHSGold KeyShort StoryDear Julia
SeanLiLMHSHon. Ment.Short StoryOnly in the Darkness
SeanLiLMHSSilver KeyShort StoryBlue Daisies
SeanLiLMHSSilver KeyPoetryThe Forgotten Home
Reese LienauHHSHon. MenArt Abstracted Symbolic Self Portrait - Shape and Line Sculpture
TeresaLu-RomeoLMHSGold KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirEchoes of an Exodus
TeresaLu-RomeoLMHSSilver KeyCritical Essay"Fake News": Postmodernism in Contemporary Politics
TeresaLu-RomeoLMHSSilver KeyDramatic ScriptStars
CarolineMcCauleyBCMSSilver KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirLost and Found
MirandaMollickBCMSSilver KeyPoetryOh, little girl
MaggieMonahanLMHSGold KeyCritical EssayThe Flawed Portrayal of Women in the Classics
FionaPollackLMHSGold KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirMeditations on a Meteorite
FionaPollackLMHSSilver KeyCritical EssayHearts at Ground Zero: Comparing the Moral Psychology of Homeric and Modern Man
LindsayReisnerHHSHon. MenArtFloral Statement Necklace with Bezel Setting
AbiSchonbergerLMHSHon. Ment.HumorThe Remedy for Embarrassment
SophiaSchurLMHSGold KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirInknut
SophiaSchurLMHSHon. Ment.PoetryMother
SophiaSchurLMHSHon. Ment.PoetryForce of Nature
MaxwellSerotaLMHSSilver KeyShort StoryA Memory of War
LaurenShinHHSGold KeyArt4 Noble Ones Flower Korean Hairpin
OliverSternLMHSHon. MenArtIndustry
ClaireSunLMHSGold KeyDramatic ScriptWhen Two Strangers Meet
ClaireSunLMHSGold KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirFile 100802: The Case of the Missing Chinese
ZoeWright-RileyHHSHon. MenArtDoor to My Nightmares Fan
Hanna Wright-RileyHHSSilver KeyArtCoral Reef Conservation Necklace
EnyaXiangHHSGold KeyPersonal Essay & MemoirThe Blue Room in My Mind
EnyaXiangHHSSilver KeyShort StoryGrapefruit Sunrise
EnyaXiangHHSSilver KeyHumorYellow Sharpie
EricYangLMHSGold KeyPoetryI Am From
EricYangLMHSGold KeyScience Fiction and FantasyThe Oath
EricYangLMHSSilver KeyJournalismNew Meditation App: Contemplations
EricYangLMHSSilver KeyJournalismThe HACIA Conference
EricYangLMHSSilver KeyCritical EssaySymbolism of "The Wizard of Oz"
EricYangLMHSSilver KeyCritical EssayGrapes of Wrath
EricYangLMHSSilver KeyCritical EssayIndividuals and the Course of History
EricYangLMHSSilver KeyCritical EssayA Call to Action
EricYangLMHSSilver KeyCritical EssayAn Analysis of Ethnic Relationships in "The Kite Runner"
JessicaZhongLMHSSilver KeyCritical EssayThe Model Minority Myth: It's Past and Our Future

To see a slide show of some of the winning art submissions, click below:

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