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Important Information for Hotmail Users
Important Information for Hotmail Users

On Friday, it came to our attention that Hotmail seems to be sending emails from the LMSD School Messenger system to users' "Junk" folders. If you haven't been receiving emails from your child's school or principal, or from the School District, this may explain why that is occurring. Our Information Services Department notified School Messenger and they are working with Hotmail to try to fix the problem. However, we do not know if/when a fix will take place.

Therefore, PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW so that you can once again begin receiving important messages from the Lower Merion School District.

(1) If the emails are going to your Junk Mail folder:

* Log into Outlook/Hotmail/Live from a computer workstation.
* Go to your Junk Email folder.
* Open the email from LMSD/School Messenger.
* Click "It's not spam".
* Go back to your Inbox.
* Open the email again.
* Click the three-dot icon towards the top-right corner of the email and then select "Add to Safe Senders".
* You'll then receive a message saying that messages from this email address will not be marked as junk. Click OK on this prompt.


(2) If you are not getting the emails at all, in your Inbox OR your Junk Mail folders:

* Log into Outlook/Hotmail/Live from a computer workstation.
* Click the PEOPLE icon in the very lower left-hand corner of the page (next to Mail and Calendar icons). A new window will open.
* On the new window, click NEW CONTACT.
* Type in the district's name into the First Name and Last Name fields.
* Type in the email address that the district is sending their emails from.
* Click CREATE.
* Repeat the above steps for each email address that the district is sending emails from.
* These are the addresses that you will need to add:


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