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Harriton Senior Plants Trees in Gambia
Harriton Senior Plants Trees in Gambia

"How did you spend your summer vacation?" is a common question students face when they return to school in September. Harriton High School Senior Tula Childs is one student with a great answer that exemplifies the LMSD motto of "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve."

Childs (pictured here in the black t-shirt in the center) spent three weeks in Senegal and Gambia in August participating in Drexel University's SeneGambia program along with the University's Dornslife Scholars.

Childs was a member of a collaborative team of students and professors from Drexel and other universities who participated in several health education, change management, social marketing, community engagement, monitoring and evaluation, and economic development projects related to promoting and improving health outcomes in Africa.

Among the projects, the One Man - One Tree initiative, in which the students helped plant 1500 indigenous trees in Gambia's Gunjar Village, a former sand-mining site. The trees provide a resting area for migratory birds and help support the natural beauty of coastal biodiversity for ecotourism development.

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