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Harriton hosts 13th Annual Sizzle! Awards
Harriton hosts 13th Annual Sizzle! Awards

Harriton High School recently hosted the 13th Annual Sizzle! Awards honoring students who have demonstrated positive change throughout the school year. Classmates, staff, family and friends were all in attendance to support and congratulate this year's winners as they received their awards from school counselors Ms. Kim Contegiacomo, Dr. Carla Coleman, Ms. Barbara Serratore, Dr. Joe Havlick and Ms. Mandy Carl.

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Havlick and former mathematics teacher, Mr. Hugh Rodman, the program was inspired by a story about the Yum Corporation, which rewarded its employees when they were found "doing the right thing." Havlick and Rodman thought it would be a good idea to adopt a similar practice and thus began acknowledging and celebrating students who have worked hard to better themselves. The name "Sizzle!" developed from Dr. Havlick's alphabetical caseload assignment (last names S-Z) and the identification of students who were either "picking up steam" or "academically hot."

The ceremony was highlighted by the presentation of The Rodman Award, which was given to Marchant Wiggins. In recognition of the influence and compassion of program co-founder, Hugh Rodman, this distinction is bestowed upon a senior who truly embodies the spirit of the Sizzle! Awards. Congratulations to all of this year's honorees!

9th Grade: Ari Charmont, Jamie Eisner, Jack Lynch, Elena Navarro, Paige Willis

10th Grade: Jarrett Boyd, Maxwell Fellheimer, Chirstelle Latour, Shayna Phonchareon, Duncan Tasker

11th Grade: Eric Chud, Genesis Euceda Euceda, Alonzo Johnson, Cara Powell, Kaiya Zurzolo

12th Grade: Jeffrey Burk, Axel Euceda Euceda, Peter Kennedy, Jihad Rumph, Marchant Wiggins

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