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Harriton alum Wendell Holland '02 wins "Survivor: Ghost Island"
Harriton alum Wendell Holland '02 wins "Survivor: Ghost Island"

Harriton High School alumnus Wendell Holland '02 was recently crowned champion of the popular reality television show Survivor: Ghost Island as he outlasted 20 other contestants to claim the $1,000,000 grand prize.

Survivor: Ghost Island was the 36th season of the CBS show that puts contestants on a remote island where they compete to be the last man or woman standing with only limited supplies at hand. For the first time in program history, the final round concluded in a tie vote between Holland and one of his fellow competitors. The decision came down to cast mate Laurel Johnson, whose final vote for Holland ultimately swung the contest in his favor earning him the title of Survivor.

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*Photo Credit: Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

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