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Global Citizenship students raise climate change awareness
Global Citizenship students raise climate change awareness

Students in Lower Merion High School's new Global Citizenship class tackled the issue of climate change in a unique way. Not only did they study the issues themselves, they created educational displays to share with their school community.

The students worked alone or in small groups to identify individual challenges posed by climate change and then researched potential solutions to those challenges. For each topic, the students created a display board that illustrated the challenge and then explained and illustrated what their fellow students could do to help.

The boards are on display in the school's upper atrium, where other students will be able to peruse them between classes or during Lunch and Learn.

Among the topics the students explored: deforestation, rising ocean temperatures, threats to the clean water supply, the decreasing honey bee population and the impact of animal farming.

Among the creative solutions they shared: suggesting students use a search engine that plants a tree for every 40 searches performed, promoting the use of reusable water bottles in school in place of bottles that are thrown away and eating less meat.

To see photos of the students with their displays, click through the slide show below:

LMSD's Strategic Plan, "All Forward," provides a framework for a collective, intentional and positive approach to change. Its five aspirational pathways guide us toward continual innovation and transformation to further educational excellence for every student. The Global Citizenship course and this exhibit are examples of Pathway #2 Transformative Curriculum and Pathway #4 Student-Driven Schools. To learn more about #LMSDAllForward and the Strategic Pathways, click here.

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