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Help Gladwyne Kindergarteners Save the Monarch Butterflies!
Help Gladwyne Kindergarteners Save the Monarch Butterflies!

Gladwyne Elementary School kindergarteners and nascent lepidopterologists (an entomologist who specializes in the study of butterflies and moths) recently wrapped up a problem-based learning science unit where they explored the fascinating lives of monarch butterflies.

These beautiful creatures - famous for their late summer/early autumn mass exodus from the United States and Canada southward to Mexico - are the only butterfly that migrates both north and south as the birds do, although the monarchs' round-trip happens over three or four generations instead of one.

After learning all about these special butterflies, the kindergarteners put together a very cute public service announcement with the help of their teachers asking for the community's assistance in saving this endangered species! Find out how you can help in the video below!

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