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"Le Festival Francais" returns to Cynwyd
"Le Festival Francais" returns to Cynwyd

Cynwyd Elementary School recently hosted their annual French Festival under the umbrella of the District's Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES) program as the school was transformed into a hustling and bustling French market with the help of the entire Cynwyd staff and many parent volunteers.

Along with the marketplace (marche), Le Festival Francais featured an array of French-themed sights, sounds and smells including Cynwyd's very-own eat-in café. At the marche, students visited la paperterie to purchase pencils and paper; le boulangerie for bread and jams; la fromagerie, which offered cheese and crackers; la patisserie, featuring cookies of many varieties; and a florist shop - le fleuriste – which had a magnificent display of beautiful flowers. Students were wearing French Festival t-shirts and donned berets which added to the charm and atmosphere of the event. Some students also dressed as notable French figures, including Marie Antoinette, Louis XIV, Marie Curie, Claude Debussey, Coco Chanel and more. The Festival brings together the entire school community, along with area businesses that generously contribute food, beverages, flowers and other items that help to make the event one of the highlights of the year. To view a slideshow of pictures from this year's French Festival, click on the image below!

World language is an essential component of the student experience in Lower Merion. The study of languages and cultures provides important preparation for living, leading, and achieving in a global community.

In the FLES program, students learn French or Spanish starting in first grade. Students are engaged in second language instruction for 20-30 minutes two to three times per week. In FLES, the main focus is on understanding and speaking. Visuals, manipulatives, and integration of cultural topics are a crucial part of the FLES classroom. A typical class includes songs, rhymes, games, play-acting, and other physical activities.

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