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Building Belonging at Cynwyd Elementary School
Building Belonging at Cynwyd Elementary School

Shawanna James-Coles, LMSD's Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, visited a second-grade class at Cynwyd Elementary School to help students understand the importance of belonging.

Ms. James-Coles read a book called "A Little Spot of Belonging: A Story About Being True to Yourself and Making Friends" to Ms. Felice's class.

The story is about kindness, making friends, sharing and identifying what we have in common with our classmates. It reinforces how important it is for everyone to feel a sense of belonging, because belonging makes us feel valued, calm and accepted.

Students identified where they already feel they belong, such as in their families, on sports teams, in their classroom community and during extra-curricular activities.

The lesson concluded with a get-to-know you bingo activity.

Click the slide show below from some more photos from Ms. James-Coles' visit.

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