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Bala Cynwyd hosts Career Day
Bala Cynwyd hosts Career Day

Bala Cynwyd Middle School recently hosted Career Day – an annual event providing eighth graders the opportunity to learn about a variety of industries and professions from parents and community members who generously take time out of their day to come meet with students.

Students prepare for Career Day by answering a series of questions on a "Career Key," which helps them identify their interests and particular skills and then matches them to 16 possible career cluster categories, including medicine and health sciences, education, business, management and administration, arts and communications, government and public service, and architecture and construction, among others.

On Career Day, students chose four adults from a list of the visiting professionals who provide short presentations on their specific career, education and certification requirements, and describe a typical day at work before answering any questions the students have.

The speakers on-hand represented a wide range of professions and fields, including: marketing, accounting, science, engineering, graphic design, management, law enforcement, medicine, law, social work, investment banking, the arts and more. To view a slideshow of images from this year's event, click on the image below.

LMSD's Strategic Plan, "All Forward," provides a framework for a collective, intentional and positive approach to change. Its five aspirational pathways guide us toward continual innovation and transformation to further educational excellence for every student. This longstanding partnership with the LM Conservancy is an example of Strategic Pathway #2: Transformative Curriculum. To learn more about #LMSDAllForward and the Strategic Pathways, click here.

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