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Award-winning author Robin Moore "awakens hidden storytellers" at Penn Valley
Award-winning author Robin Moore "awakens hidden storytellers" at Penn Valley

Award-winning author Robin Moore recently visited Penn Valley Elementary School as he shared his passion for storytelling and worked with students to "awaken the hidden storyteller and discover the natural born writer in us all."

Moore, who has presented more than 5,000 school assembly programs and told stories to more than one million children since he began working with students in 1981, began the day at Penn Valley with a Writer's Workshop with fifth graders. Students worked with Moore as they explored his "natural-born writing method", which helps writers of all ages enter into the sights and sounds of the mind's eye and share those stories with others.

Following the Writer's Workshop, Moore welcomed first and second grade students into the auditorium with peaceful music he played on an ocarina. He then began to tell the story of the Leni Lenape Native Americans of Pennsylvania and exhibited the traditional clothing of deer buckskin and woolen blankets they would have made and worn. Students were highly engaged throughout the assembly and were encouraged to use their arms, hands and voices to interact throughout the presentation.

Moore is also the owner of Groundhog Press, a small independent publishing house that produces books and tapes celebrating the oral tradition. He has received many awards, including The Parent's Choice Award; was named "Author of the Year" by the Pennsylvania School Librarian's Association; and was recently named "National Storyteller of the Year" by The Creative Arts Institute.

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