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Author & Illustrator Brian Biggs visits Penn Wynne
Author & Illustrator Brian Biggs visits Penn Wynne

Author and illustrator Brian Biggs recently visited Penn Wynne Elementary School as he spoke with students about his life and work as an artist, the creative process and more during a fun-filled and educational assembly.

Throughout his presentation, Biggs talked a lot about where he finds inspiration for his work and how this inspiration can come from a variety of places. Ideas for illustrations or stories can be inspired by the things around you – family members, pets, friends or experiences – and do not necessarily have to be fantastical or magical. Biggs exhibited a sampling of some of his favorite illustrations, explained where the respective ideas for each originated and how they were created and ultimately realized on the page. He then showed a time-lapse video demonstrating the actual process of creating one of his incredible illustrations from the initial sketches through the final product. To view a slideshow of pictures from throughout the presentation, click on the image below.

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