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"Taste of Penn Wynne" Celebrates Delicious Diversity

Penn Wynne Elementary School students and their families took a culinary tour around the world without having to leave the school building, thanks to the Home & School Association's "Taste of Penn Wynne" event. 

Families shared delicacies from countries and cultures which with they identify, including Armenia, Bangladesh, Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, China, Thailand and more. Students received "passports" that were stamped at each table they visited.

Posters at the tables included information about the various countries, their customs and culture. Many of the adults wore clothing representative of the countries as well. 

"Taste of Penn Wynne" is just one way the school celebrates its rich diversity, while also emphasizing how much students and their families have in common. After all, the event showed that no matter where you family may have come from, just about everyone loves to eat! #LMSDBuildingBelonging

For photos of the Tasty Tour around the world, you can click through the slide show below. 


Two women and a student look at a poster about Korea
A man and a boy take food from a table
A woman sits at a table with many small plates of food in front of her
Two women dish food out of a crock pot to serve
A man and a woman serve food at their table
A man and two boys smile for the camera
Two women, one holding a child, and a man in front of a poster about Bangladesh
A woman stamps a %22passport%22 at her table
A child in a cone-shaped hat with painting on it
A woman in a grey sweater tries calligraphy
A little girl on a man's shoulders near the stage
Three students stand together while eating
A woman in a white top, skirt and apron hands a food sample over the table to a student
A woman dishes food out of a pot at her table
A trifold poster about the Philippines
Three women pose at their table behind a crock pot of food
A woman in a blue shirt dishes food out of a crock pot
A dad gives a boy a taste of a food sample
Students and families in front of a table of Thai food
Families gathered at the event
A crowd gathers in the atrium outside the gym/cafeteria
A woman in a colorful apron adjusts her headpiece behind a table.
A woman in a red dress speaks with two students
A woman in a red kimono leans over a table to speak to another woman
Two young women in grey t-shirts behind a food table.
Three men, one who is holding a toddler, and a woman with food, smile for a photo
A woman in a colorful pink dress stamps a passport.
Two students smile while holding food samples and their %22passports.%22
A crowd including students and women taste food samples
A student in the midst of a crowd tastes some food
Adults lined up behind a table with food samples and a crock pot
A young student places a sticker on their %22passport.%22
Three students and four women smile for the camera
A trifold poster about Mexico on a table, with a pinata
A student and man stand on either side of a poster about Armenia
The back of a student as they try Chinese calligraphy

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