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Penn Valley Celebrates Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Students and staff at Penn Valley Elementary School celebrated the conclusion of their school's Autism Acceptance Spirit Week with a popping good time!

All week, students took part in activities to celebrate the unique characteristics that make children with autism so special and treasured, including creativity, individuality and their singular talents.

Students also learned about some of the challenges their friends with autism may face, and how to be understanding and inclusive. 

On Friday, students from all grades formed the shape of an infinity symbol on the back field and then had a grand time blowing bubbles -- each of which is unique just like the students. Some of the teachers had GIANT bubble-makers, which added to the fun!

Autism Acceptance Spirit Week is an example of how the Lower Merion School District works to build a sense of belonging for all students and staff. #LMSDBuildingBelonging.

To see photos from the fun-filled afternoon, click through the slide show below:


A student looks up at three giant bubbles
A student follows a big bubble
A student poses with the Penn Valley Panther
A staff member uses wands to make a GIANT bubble
A student tries to catch a giant bubble
The Penn Valley Panther poses for a photo
A staff member uses wands to make a GIANT bubble
Students in line wait to get their bottles of bubbles
A staff member makes big bubbles
The Penn Valley Panther greets students
The Penn Valley Panther greets students
A staff member blows big bubbles
A student smiles as bubbles are blown his way
The Penn Valley Panther greets students
Students try to catch bubbles being blown by a staff member
Students get ready to blow bubbles
Staff members lined up explaining Autism Acceptance Spirit Week
A staff member makes bubbles as students sit on the court
Staff members gather with students as they wait for bubble time
A staff member blows bubbles toward a student
Staff point to bubbles above the students
Students blow bubbles
Several students ready to blow bubbles
A group of students blow bubbles
A row of students blow bubbles
Several students blow bubbles
A line of students begin to blow bubbles
Two students prepare to blow bubbles
Students jump up toward lots of bubbles
Several students look at their bubble wands
A student laughs with bubbles overhead
Students and staff with bubbles all around
Students reach for bubbles in the air
Students surrounded by bubbles in the air
Mr. Mitchell blows a bubble
Students chase after bubbles
Students chase after bubbles
Students look at bubbles
Several students blow on their bubble wands
Students in the field with the air full of bubbles
Two students with a bubble in the foreground
Mr. Mitchell surrounded by students as he makes bubbles
Two young students with their bubble bottles
Students gather as a teacher makes a giant bubble
Students jump up toward lots of bubbles
Students chase after bubbles
Students gather around Mr. Mitchell as he blows bubbles
Students stand with a teacher about to blow a big bubble
A teacher blows a big bubble towards a students' outreached hands

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