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Author Brings "Lily's Wondrous World" to Penn Valley Students

Years ago, Marc Polett was a student at Penn Valley Elementary School. Today, he returned to Penn Valley as a published author and spoke with students about his book, Lily's Wondrous World: A Day in the Park.

Lily is a little girl who loves nature and animals. During her day in the park, she befriends a rabbit named Benny, a squirrel named Nutty and a dog named Rusty. The book follows the friends as they explore the park. 

Polett told the students that the character of Lily was inspired by his wife, Elizabeth, who accompanied him to the assembly. He explained that she loves animals so much, squirrels will wait at the door of their house in East Falls for food.

Polett explained that several more books about Lily's adventures will be published in the coming year. All will be illustrated by Vasya Baev, who is from Poland. Baev runs a school for young children in Thailand and Polett felt his illustrations of Lily and her friends would appeal to young readers. 

For photos of author Marc Polett's visit to Penn Valley, you can click through the slide show below:

The author leans on the edge of the stage and speaks to several young students
A group of students listen to the author as he faces them from the floor in front of the stage
The author and five students stand behind a table displaying his book.
The author leans down to speak wtih students.
Young students in their auditorium seats listen to the author
The cover of Lily's Wondrous World is displayed on a screen on stage.
The author at a podium, with his wife slightly behind and next to him.
A photo of the author as student at Penn Valley is displayed on the screen.
The author's wife in front of a screen with the book cover.
A young student smiles in her seat.
The author and his wife at the podium.
Three young students pay rapt attention from their seats.
Mr. Pollet and his book

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