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Knights Draw Interdisciplinary Connections Across the Humanities

This fall, seventh grade students at Bala Cynwyd Middle School had the opportunity to draw some interesting interdisciplinary connections across their art, english and history classes as they explored the life and times of Colonial America.

Learning about the history of the European colonization of North America and life in the resulting thirteen colonies provided an opportunity to explore some of the contemporary crafts that were prevalent throughout the settlements.

Redware was a functional art form of the colonial period that was often utilized as platters for serving and eating during meals. While at the time redware was primarily utilitarian in purpose, it could also very beautiful, which is one of the reasons it is widely collected and exhibited in modern times.

Teachers Dave Lloyd (Social Studies), Jennifer Palmer (English) and Michelle Rullo (NOW) collaborated closely to help students make interdisciplinary connections across their respective areas of study while art teacher Christina Poplawski worked with students to create their very own redware plates, which can currently be found on display in the main gallery at Bala Cynwyd Middle School! Way to go, Knights!

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