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Lower Merion School District Statement Regarding Merionite Opinion Articles

The Lower Merion School District condemns both antisemitic and anti-Islamic rhetoric and actions. At the same time, as noted in District Policy 235, the District supports and values students’ First Amendment rights to free speech and free expression in publications.

The opinion pieces about the Israel-Hamas War in the December issue of The Merionite, the Lower Merion High School student newspaper, solely reflect the opinions of the students who wrote them. Due to the fact that both student authors are minors, their parents were given an opportunity to review and authorize the articles prior to publication. The pieces were also reviewed by The Merionite’s student editors, who shared their considerations for publication in the November issue.

As the student editors so eloquently state, “Only through free speech can we realize the vast range of perspectives and opinions on the topics we care about most deeply.”

The Lower Merion School District will continue to strive to empower student voice and agency, to promote civil discourse necessary to understanding of diverse viewpoints, and to ensure a sense of safety and belonging for all students.

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