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Merion's Heritage Night a Multicultural Masterpiece

Merion Elementary School recently hosted its annual Cultural Heritage Night, bringing together families to celebrate and explore the rich diversity of backgrounds and cultures that contribute to the Mustangs’ vibrant community!

The gymnasium was filled with the sights, sounds and smells emanating from the sea of displays put together by the many participating students and their parents/guardians. These familial exhibits featured an array of interesting items and information for guests to peruse, including maps and music, artwork and artifacts, native animals (stuffed) and instruments, samples of traditional cuisine and much more. Some families were even colorfully clothed in traditional attire representative of their respective countries of origin.

Upon arrival, each student received a passport, which they carried throughout the evening and had stamped as they journeyed across the gymnasium, visiting the dozens of displays highlighting nations near and far. Japan, Russia, India, Australia, Sweden, China, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Pakistan, New Zealand and Canada were just a few of the countries represented at the event.

Merion's Cultural Heritage Night provides an invaluable opportunity for students to embrace diversity and develop cultural competence. Celebrating diversity helps to foster a greater sense of inclusivity and belonging as classmates gain more insight into and respect for the differences that make them unique. Learning about their own cultural heritage also helps children develop a sense of identity and pride in who they are and where they come from. #LMSDBuildingBelonging

This year’s Cultural Heritage Night at Merion was another resounding success! To see a slideshow from images from the event, click through the pictures below!

Penn Wynne Principal Shawn Bernatowicz and son, a staff member at Merion, pose for a picture
Merion Principal Toby Albanese chats with a guest at their table
School Counselor Candace Brown and mother pose for picture
Two girls in traditional Japanese clothing fill out one of the passports
Candace Brown's display table dishes out food for guests
An adult in a red kimono bows as they greet a visitor
A father hugs his son and gives him a kiss on the head
A man shows some of the animals (stuffed) from his homeland
A woman leans down to tell two children about her country of Russia
A mother and daughter representing Germany man their display table
Dr. Albanese and a guest bow to one another as a sign of respect
A woman hands out food at her display table
A student holds up an image of a tiger and the Taj Mahal as she stands in front of the Indian flag
An Indian family dressed in colorful traditional garb
Three students explore a display about Armenia
A family of four - grandmother, mom and dad, and daughter, pose for picture
A man sits at a table as he creates Japanese calligraphy
A colorful display of Mexican cuisine
A man holds up a poster of a Chilean wearing a sombrero with the face cut out so it looks like his face belongs to the the little body
A Chilean family of five poses for a group picture
A father holds up the Chilean cut out in front of his son
Parents and family members hand out food at their table
A woman kneels down to talk to a girl wearing a floral dress with a big red bow on the back
A student listens intently to an adult as he prepares to fill out his passport
A man digs his fork into some food
Guests converse at Merion's Cultural Heritage Night
Small samples of food with little red flags sticking out of them
Principal Dr. Toby Albanese speaks with two students
Three women stand at their display tables in color jackets
A student reads a tri-fold poster about New Zealand
A student has his passport marked at a Japanese display table
Three women smile as they pose for a picture
A woman bends down as she hands some food to a little boy
Two women work a contraption at their display table.
Two women and a man smile for a photograph
Two guests laugh during the event
A student walks around inspecting displays with food and drink in hand
A woman pulls down her mask to speak with guests
A young student concentrates as he fills in his passport
A closeup image of the passport/travel journal given out to students
Mother, father and daughter pose for a picture
Principal Albanese speaks with a guest
Students explore the display tables
Mother, father and baby pose for a picture
An older brother helps his sibling with his passport
Two women laugh as they chat during the event
A student checks out one of the display tables during the event
Dads holding their kids converse during the event
A display of old pictures
A display of family artifacts
The Merion gymnasium packed with families
The Merion gymnasium packed with families
The Merion gymnasium packed with families
Students and parents mill about as they explore the displays
The Merion gymnasium packed with families
Young students explore a display
Students converse across a table
A colorfully clad family chats during the event
A family of four smiles for the camera
A display of books and puzzles about animals
Father and son in a candid photograph
A man holds a cloth in the air as children look on
A student enjoys a treat as she sits on the floor
A man addresses the crowd via microphone
Two dads chat during the event
Black and white photo of father and son at the event
A picture of a picture being taken of a father and daughter

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