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LMSD Hosts Sports-themed Family STEM Night

Robots, sports mascots and tables full of fun, hands-on projects greeted hundreds of students in grades four to six during LMSD's sports-themed Family STEM Night. The many displays highlighted the importance that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics play in the world of sports. 

Students had the chance to figure out the best angles to line up their mini-golf shots, measure the speed of pitches at a baseball simulator and program remote-controlled race cars to zip around the floor of the Kobe Bryant Gymnasium at Lower Merion High School. 

Student volunteers from Harriton's National Society of Black Engineers, Lower Merion's DAWGMA Robotics Team, and others from TSA and Science Olympiad set up tables to show the younger students some of the fun, competitive activities that can choose to participate in as they advance in school.

Teachers from across the District helped students with an array of hands-on sports-themed STEM craft projects, such as making their own tennis racquets and table hockey sets. Keeping score, figuring out angles for shots, measuring ball or puck velocity are all examples of STEM in sports. 

A representative from NFL Films was on hand with his Emmy, as shooting and editing sports films involves extensive use of computer technology. And physical therapists from NovaCare were there as well, explaining the importance of sciences like biology and physiology in their work. 

One of the highlights of the event was an appearance from the Phillies' mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, who posed for photos and even threw a few pitches to his buddy, the St. Joe's Hawk, who was on hand flapping his wings. 

The Family STEM Night exposes young students to the practical applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with the hope they will enjoy and pursue these growing fields as they get older.

The slideshow below features fun photos from the night.


The Phillie Phanatic checks out the DAWGMA Robotics table
The Phillie Phanatic greets two young students during Family STEM Night
The Phillie Phanatic poses with a staff member
The Phillie Phanatic gives a student a high five
The Phillie Fanatic poses with two young students
The Phillie Phanatic walks through the Kobe Bryant Gymnasium during Family STEM Night
The Phillie Phanatic and Ms. Goldberg, Elementary Technology Specialist, take a selfie.
Three children pose for a photo with the Phillie Phanatic
The Phillie Phanatic's antics make a teacher and student laugh
The Phillie Phanatic poses with a student volunteer
The Phillie Phanatic has fun with a student during a photo
The Phillie Phanatic pitches to the Harriton Ram
The Phillie Phanatic greets the Harriton Ram
Staff members pose with the Phillie Phanatic
The Phillie Phanatic gives a student a hug
Mr. Bantoe and students pose with the Phillie Phanatic
Phillie Phanatic kisses Ms. Acconciamessa, LMSD's Elementary STEM Supervisor
Phillie Phanatic poses with two teachers
Phillie Phanatic poses with three students
Phillie Phanatic helps students with their STEM project involving cups and and soft balls
Staff members pose with Phillie Phanatic
The Phillie Phanatic watches students line up the best angle for their golf shots
The Phillie Phanatic assists a mom with her golf shot
Exhibitors from NovaCare pose with the Phillie Phanatic
Students practice playing floor hockey
A staff member dances with the Phillie Phanatic
A teacher assists a student in programming a robot to move across a field
Crew team members assist a younger student on the rowing machine
Students watch robots move around the gym floor
A student in a Flyers jersey checks out he table of raffle prizes.
Students work to code a robot to toss a basketball into a hoop
Students explain their STEM display to younger students
Young students program their small robots to move around squares on the gym floor
The St. Joseph's Hawk flaps his wings at Family STEM Night
A student volunteer shows a younger student how to steer a remote control vehicle
Students and adults at one of the STEM project tables.
Crew athletes show a younger student how to use a rowing machine
Students at their laptops control a robot moving around the gym floor
Students from Harriton's National Society of Black Engineers chapter at their table
Two Black Rock Royals smile at a table where they're offering raffle tickets
A young student gets assistance putting together his cardboard tube STEM project
Two students collaborate on a project
A teacher points out pieces for a STEM project
An adult and two children work on their STEM projects at a table,
Several students at a table working on STEM creations
A teacher, at left, explains a STEM project to students at her table
Two students work on a STEM project with colorful straws in the foreground
A student works on a STEM project at a table

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