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#ArtsEd takes Centerstage at the 2024 ISC Art Show

The Interschool Council (ISC) recently hosted the 2024 ISC Art Show at the Main Line Art Center featuring student artwork selected by teachers from all 11 schools throughout the District. Hundreds of pieces were on display highlighting the creativity and talent of students in kindergarten through twelfth grade across a variety of mediums, including drawing, digital art, painting, mixed media, metal works, photography, ceramics and more!

To view a slideshow from this year's exhibition, click on the image below!

Frog portrait
Portrait of a tiger
Fancy cat chessboard
Thanksgiving Chessboard
dog portrait
Desert landscape
Joel Embiid collag
Purple Rectangular Crystal
Planet landscape
Collection of artwork hanging from a wall
Self portrait of a girl
Landscape of a river flowing from the mountains
Butterfly portrait
Landscape featuring a house in front of mountains
Drawing of three scoops of ice cream on a cone
Self portrait of a boy
Snow leopard portrait
Panda portrait
Frog portrait
Pixar/Disney Inspired Chessboard
Dragon overlooking a chessboard with a knight standing on it
Three-dimensional still life
Dog portrait
Giraffe Portrait
Landscape with bridge
A student proudly stands next to her artwork
Yayoi Kusama Inspired Pumpkin
Radial balance relief sculpture
Radial Balance Relief Sculpture
Dia De Los Muertos Calavera - Marker and Tempera
A collection of colorful paintings on the floor
A collage of Joel Embiid
Colorful animal heads
Sketches of kids' faces
A room full of artwork at the Main Line Art Center
A room full of artwork at the Main Line Art Center
A room full of artwork at the Main Line Art Center
A room full of artwork at the Main Line Art Center
Colorful E and G
Colorful abstract mountain range
Abstract colorful pineapple
Colorful B and T
Abstract slice of watermelon
Tempera paint weaving
Colorful E and F
Colorful mountain range and sunrise
Abstract, Jackson Pollock-esque watercolor
Colorful tempera paint weaving
Stuart Davis Abstract Name in blue, yellow and black
Three pieces hanging on a wall
Romero Britto style piece of a cat
Romero Britto style of drawing with a dog
Colorful landscape of trees made drawn in squiggles
Eight squares drawn in black marker
Colorful landscape featuring three trees of dwindling size
Marker drawing of a sunrise
Nine pieces of artwork hanging on a wall
Clay vase painted earth tones
Metal arts necklace
Oil on wood panel of a city street with row homes
A cube with metal inside
Six little clay plates and a clay stamp
A small metal-arts piece
Clay vase with a telescope on it
Clay piece of a sad-looking baby
Clay piece of a cat in a tuxedo with a monocle
Pencil drawing of the stairwell at LMHS
Sepia photograph of boy's face
Photograph of screws with leafy green backdrop
Clay horsehead
Pastel still life of a red pepper cut in half
A clay horsehead
Pastel still life of three pears
Two paintings hung one above the other - a chicken and an aristocrat
A collection of artwork hanging on a wall
A collection of clay pieces on a podium
Photograph of a girl sitting in a chair
A painted guitar
Photograph of a beautiful landscape at twilight
A photograph of a daughter and mother standing back to back
Painting of a man wearing an american flag surrounded by vagrants and drug addicts
Watercolor on paper of a train going down grass-covered tracks
Film photo shutter speed of purple lights
Three photos side by side of assorted items from a house
Film photo conveying symmetry
A pencil sketch of a girl
A collection of artwork hanging from a wall
Floral hairpin made of metal
A door colorfully painted with a heart and arteries to the earth
Lily of the Valley cuff bracelet made of metal
Colored pencil and sharpie bobcat
Paper, crayon and oil pastel of shapes and squiggles
Tempera and oil pastel of a tree
Four little houses made of metal
Watercolor, Charcoal and sharpie of paint brushes with splotches of color
Abstract oil and pastel piece
Chalk pastel of a pair of pumpkins and the night sky
Crayon and watercolor of a bird on a branch
Watercolor, charcoal and sharpie of paintbrushes with splotches of color
Tempera and crayon drawing with lots of red and purple
Colorful paper snowflake
Paper, sharpie and marker trio of pumpkins
Drawing of landscape with flowers, bird and the sun
A collection of artwork hangs on the wall
Paper and tempera paint landscape with trees
A drawing of a lion on a landscape
Three clay vases holding flowers
Acrylic painting of pink flowers inspired by Hiroshige and Van Gogh
Acrylic painting of pink flowers inspired by Hiroshige and Van Gogh
Four paintings on the wall - two African masks and two African Chiwara
A pair of paintings of pink flowers
Oil and pastel African Chiwara
Collage of African mask
Collage of African masks
Cezanne Still Life of fruit in a bowl
Oil and pastel African chiwara
Colorful metal tooling of Charles Demuth cityscape
Marker and sharpie drawing of a smiling cupcake
A pair of paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock
Construction paper cut outs of a baseball pitcher about to throw the ball
Black and white drawing of Groot and Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy
A face composed of wire tracery
Pencil drawing of figurines dancing
Construction paper collage of a landscape with trees and clouds
Colored pencil landscape with disco balls and a hand holding a crown
Pencil/Colored Pencil of a pair of hands holding a blue drop of water
Colored pencil piece of two kids running in a subway-aquarium heading for the stars
Red and blue piece featuring a collection of words
Mixed media of three three-dimensional pears
Colored pencil symmetrical drawing of geometric shapes
Colored pencil and marker piece of a character from The Incredibles movie
Black and white pencil drawing outlined in red of an Asian woman
Metal tooling of a colorful silver beetle
Chalk landscape of a river and evergeens
Construction paper collage featuring symmetrical shapes
A large collection of student artwork adorns a wall
Watercolor and ink of a green snake
A clay leaf painted purple
A clay bowl painted blue and green
Colorful chalk and pastel piece
Paint and construction paper piece; shadowy silhouette of houses at dusk
Paint, sharpie and graphite piece of leafless trees
Nine pieces of student artwork hang on the wall
Marker and sharpie piece with a paint brush leaving streaks of color over black and white
Construction paper collage with geometric shapes
Six pieces of student artwork hang on a wall
Watercolor of a purple and green cat
Artwork of two yellow and black birds sitting on a branch
Artwork of a closeup of a white leopard's blue eye
Acrylic painting of birds in nature
Painting in the style of Van Gogh
Painting in the style of Van Gogh
Paper mache Day of the Dead mask
Paper mache Day of the Dead mask
Artwork of a closeup of a giraffe's eye
Artwork featuring closeup of a leopard's eye
Artwork from BC 8th grader of student taking a selfie
Artwork featuring the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland
Artwork featuring Minnie Mouse
Artwork of dog in tempera paint from Bala Cywnyd
Artwork by BCMS 8th Grader - Medium is Prisma Color Pencils
A collection of student artwork hangs on the wall at the ISC Art Show

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