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Learning About Weather is a Breeze for Cynwyd's Owls

Second graders at Cynwyd Elementary School recently wrapped up their study of air and weather after participating in a series of educational experiences that heightened their understanding of the Earth’s atmosphere and its associated phenomena, including hurricanes, blizzards, tornados and wildfires!

The unit began with a field trip to the Franklin Institute, which is the perfect place to learn about weather as it was the first institution to establish a meteorological station in the state of Pennsylvania. The weather instruments on hand provided Cynwyd students a glimpse at what earlier forecasters used to predict the weather as well as how instruments have changed or stayed the same over time.

In the following weeks, students then dived deeper into the topic through a series of engaging, hands-on learning activities. Students constructed parachutes, pinwheels and kites to observe how the objects interacted with air; used instruments like thermometers, anemometers and wind vanes to measure air conditions; and observed and recorded weather-related data just like real meteorologists.

After learning about wildfires, students were challenged to think of creative ways of stopping the spread of a dangerous forest fire before welcoming a special guest - the Lower Merion Township Fire Marshall - who swung by Cynwyd to hear their ideas and share some of his knowledge and expertise on the topic! Great job, Owls!

Students at the Franklin Institute
A pair of smiling Cynwyd students
The Fire Marshall speaks with students at Cynwyd
The Fire Marshall speaks with students at Cynwyd
The Fire Marshall speaks with students at Cynwyd
The Fire Marshall speaks with students at Cynwyd

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