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Lower Merion School District


Administrative Cabinet

The administrative cabinet includes the Assistant Superintendent, Business Manager, Senior Director of Policy, Personnel and School Programs, Director of Secondary Education, Director of Elementary Education, Administrator of Special Student Programs, Director of Operations, Director of School & Community Relations and Director of Information Systems. This group, convened by the superintendent, works to ensure the successful implementation of the District's strategic plan. Cabinet members meet regularly to review important District matters, present recommendations to the superintendent and report on the various departments/functions they represent.

Dr. Steven Yanni

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Alexis McGloin

Assistant Superintendent, Director of Secondary Education

Megan Shafer

Assistant to the Superintendent for District Administration

Victor Orlando

Business Manager

Amy Buckman

Director of School & Community Relations

Kimberly Fraser

Director of Student Services and Special Education

George Frazier

Director of Information Systems

Dr. Jennifer Gaudioso

Director of Elementary Education

Shawanna James-Coles

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

James Lill

Director of Operations