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Lower Merion School District


Religion & Spirituality

Image representing many world religionsThe District seeks to ensure that its programs and practices are welcoming to all students regardless of their religion. As a public educational center, we believe Lower Merion School District has a basic responsibility to develop in students an understanding of their diverse history and culture and the significance of religion in that history and culture. We also have the responsibility to teach understanding of and respect for group differences in our society including religious differences. In fulfilling these responsibilities the teaching must be objective, avoid any doctrinal impact, and clearly demonstrate religious doctrines do not have the support of state authority. Such teaching must be fair and must expose a recognition of and respect for the variety and richness of humankind’s beliefs.

Moreover, the District recognizes that religion is another identity that relates to feeling a sense of belonging in school. While the District will never ask or request information about an individual’s religion, we do offer accommodations for religious observances, practices, and instruction in accordance with our policies and the law