The Penn Valley Home & School Association is an active participant in the life of our school community. Through its efforts, the Home & School Association enables teachers to extend the curriculum by supporting field trips, cultural programs, and artists in residence, as well as social events such as, the fall fair, BINGO nights and more. The HSA publishes a weekly online newsletter, The Panther Press, which contains inportant information on school and community events. Click here to sign up to receive the Panther Press.

2016-17 HSA Board

Co Presidents
Whitney Hoffman PennValleyHSA@gmail.com
Sandy Marcus PennValleyHSA@gmail.com
Vice Presidents
Michelle Detwiler michelle_detwiler@hotmail.com
Irena Reynolds irenareynolds@yahoo.com
Karen Gutsche karenhenrygutsche@gmail.com
Alyce Cerniglia alycebossow@hotmail.com
Corresponding Heather Turner hturner23@yahoo.com
Secretaries Marci Morgan marci.m.morgan@gmail.com
Panther Press Editor Kurt Starsinic pennvalleypantherpress@gmail.com