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Consistent with the District's overall philosophy and purpose, the primary goal of the high school athletic program is to provide a competitive arena where student-athletes can display their talents, enhance their physical wellness and skills, and gain a greater technical and tactical understanding and appreciation of their chosen sport while working as a team towards common goals. Within the athletic program, it is expected that all participants display a competitive spirit, outstanding sportsmanship, and exemplary character throughout the year, on and off the field of play. The athletic program should be a positive component of the student-athlete's educational experience.

Participation in the athletic program is considered a privilege extended by the high school, through the Board of School Directors, to students who choose to participate. Participation in this program requires a commitment by the student-athlete of his/her time, energy and loyalty, as well as an acceptance of coaches' decisions, training techniques, and expectations. Student-athletes should willingly assume all responsibilities and obligations that are inherent and unique to the program. Student-athletes must understand and appreciate that they not only represent themselves during competition, but also their teammates, their school, the Lower Merion community, and a proud tradition of athletics at Harriton High School.

Athletic Office Phone: 610-658-3976
Athletic Office Fax: 610-520-3919
HHS Sports Hotline: 610-658-3900
Athletic Director: Tom Ferguson
Asst. Athletic Director: Sandy Johnson
Office Secretary: Sandy Johnson

Thomas Ferguson
HHS Athletic Director
Phone: 610-658-3976

Mr. Scott Weinstein , Principal
HHS Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 610-658-3950

Ms. Megan Shafer, Senior Director
District Title IX Coordinator
Phone: (610) 645-1955

Harriton Girl's Tennis Team

SAT Information

If a student-athlete takes the current SAT before March 2016 and then takes the redesigned SAT at a later date, the NCAA Eligibility Center will not combine section scores from the current and redesigned SAT when determining the student-athlete's initial eligibility. The NCAA Eligibility Center will only combine section scores from the same version of the test. Because the redesigned SAT varies in design and measures different academic concepts than the current SAT, a numerical score on the current test may not be equivalent to the same numerical score on the redesigned test.