About Harriton

At Harriton, it’s cool to be smart.

How many other high schools hold pep rallies for the Science Olympiad team? Then, again – how many schools have a Science Olympiad team that’s won  18 of the last 19 state championships?  And it’s not just Science Olympiad. Physics Olympics, Academic Decathlon and the Technology  Student Association (TSA)  are some of the most popular - and celebrated - activities on campus.

At Harriton, service is a passion.

The annual Day of Service features service activities across the Philadelphia region – with every student and staff member participating. Community service at Harriton goes way beyond a single day. From fundraisers to food drives, grassroots campaigns to international service trips, there are countless opportunities to get involved - lend a hand and make a difference.

At Harriton, small is BIG.

We’ve grown in recent years, with new facilities, more space and expanded offerings. But the “new” Harriton still maintains the close-knit, personal atmosphere that defined the “old” school. Students and staff know each other well. Class sizes are small. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie. The one thing that is growing out of control? School spirit! “The Herd” is one of the best student fan sections around.

At Harriton, teachers are masters of their craft.

Harriton’s classrooms are filled with award-winning educators that really know their stuff.  It’s a diverse team of highly-qualified, skilled professionals who take very seriously their responsibility to challenge, engage, inspire and improve. They participate in summer writing fellowships. They study abroad. They are role models for lifelong learning.

At Harriton, we like to have fun.

One of Harriton’s most anticipated annual events is the Wing Bowl. There’s nothing quite like cheering on your history teacher as he consumes countless amounts of buffalo wings in a spandex superhero costume. And for sheer spectacle, laughs and all-around good vibes, nothing beats Mr. Harriton – an annual male student pageant featuring singing, dancing and some amazing talents. A recent contestant handed Shakespearean plays to the crowd, had audience members read aloud random verses, then wowed everyone by identifying the exact acts, characters and scenes.

At Harriton, seize the day!

Since opening in 1958, Harriton has been known for its vibrant, participatory spirit. Students aren’t just athletes or actors. They are athlete-actors.  They don’t just build robots or sing in the vocal jazz ensemble. They are robot-building jazz singers.  They take chemistry, ceramics, theology, creative performance, geometry, concert band and Latin. It’s no wonder they know the translation for the school motto...Carpe Diem!