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Lower Merion School District


Personal Safety Program

Our program, with its emphasis on personal safety, is geared toward teaching students how to differentiate between good and bad touch and to assert their rights to protect themselves from unsafe personal situations.

The Safe Touch Rules, as well as the Safety Theme chart and posters below outline the safety content that your child(ren) will learn during classroom lessons in grades 1, 2, 3 and 4. Classroom lessons will be primarily facilitated by your child's school counselor.

Safe Touch Rules

Rule #1: It is never okay for grownups or older kids to touch your private body parts – except to keep you healthy and clean.

Rule #2: If an older kid or grownup wants you to touch his/her private body parts or asks to touch your private body parts and tells you to keep it a secret, say NO!, GO and TELL an adult you trust right away. If the first person you talk to does not believe you, tell someone else.

Rule #3: Anytime you feel mixed-up or confused about a touch, tell the person to stop and talk to a grownup you trust about it.

Safety Theme
Never-Never General Safety Rules
Always Ask an Adult First
Ways to Stay Safe: Recognize, Report, Refuse Assertively
Touching Rule
Never Keep Secrets Rule
Private Body Parts Rule

We encourage families to engage their children in conversations around these important topics.

Never-Never Rules

Never Keep Secrets Rule

Ways to Stay Safe

Always Ask First Rule

Touching Rule

Private Body Parts Rule