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Position Officer(s)
Co-Presidents Karen Dunleavey
Email: kndunleavy@comcast.net

Kes Messenger
Email: kesm2@yahoo.com
8th Grade Representatives Terri Cooper
Email: coop1960@verizon.net
7th Grade Representatives Susi Applestein
Email: susiapp@yahoo.com

Margaret Wahrman
Phone: 610-547-1936
Email: aplark@aol.com
6th Grade Representatives Barnes Bierck
Email: euglena4056@yahoo.com

Anne Lyte
Email: aelytle@gmail.com
Co-Treasurers Carole Mercaldo
Email: mercaldo@upenn.edu

Sara Nalbantian
Email: sarah_serge@hotmail.com
Secretary Mary Cooke
Email: cooke13@verizon.net
Knightly News Editor (BC Newsletter) Colleen Thomas-Philip
Email: colleenthomasphilip@gmail.com
ISC Representative Mary Ellen Riggio
Email: maryellenriggio@yahoo.com