Each school within the District provides Learning Support (LS) for students determined to be eligible for special education services and in need of LS due to a disability. The amount of time a student receives LS varies according to the individual student's educational need(s) as documented in the student's Evaluation/Reevaluation Report and recommended by the student's IEP team. The range of support available extends from Full Time (receiving special education services for 80% or more of the school day), Supplemental (receiving special education services for more than 20% and less than 80% of the school day) to Itinerant (Supplemental (receiving special education services for 20% or less of the school day). The services provided to the student and the goals established for the year are documented on the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP). Progress monitoring is completed throughout the year and reported to the parent. LS at the four secondary schools is listed as Instructional Support Lab (ISL) on students' schedules. The frequency of ISLs is determined by the IEP team based on the student's individual educational needs.