Vocational-Technical Studies

Lower Merion School District participates in programs which offer vocational-technical courses at the Central Montgomery County Vocational Technical School. Courses are scheduled for a half-day —LMSD participates in the AM program. Students attend regular classes one-half day at Harriton High School or Lower Merion High School and one-half day at the Central Montgomery County Vocational Technical School.

From the first day’s orientation to graduation, students learn a broad-based technical curriculum in a relaxed and supportive environment. Having just completed a 20 million dollar renovation, Central Montco Technical High School is a first-rate facility with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. At CMTHS, a caring and highly qualified professional staff share their skills while challenging and encouraging their students. Many of the instructors have established high profiles in their fields of expertise prior to becoming teachers. Students not only get to know their teachers, but the teachers get to know them and respond to their individual needs as they extend their support and enthusiasm while preparing students for the future. The students are able to obtain a variety of state and nationally recognized certifications and licenses.

Central Montco Technical High School provides educational programs in cooperation with each member school district which will prepare students to pursue post-secondary career studies and/or obtain employment in a global economy. The educational programs are designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to become a contributing member of society in an ever-changing workforce need.