Fast Facts

A collection of old books

Founded: 1834
Communities Served: Lower Merion Township & Borough of Narberth
2015-16 Enrollment: 8,344
Student/Faculty Ratio: 11:1
Length of School Year: 182 Days
Number of Schools: 10

School Enrollments

Elementary Schools
Belmont Hills 492
Cynwyd 560
Gladwyne 741
Merion 614
Penn Valley 699
Penn Wynne
Middle Schools
Bala Cynwyd 865
Welsh Valley 982
High Schools
Harriton 1224
Lower Merion 1443

Student Demographics

Students of Color: 26.4% (9.8% Asian, 7.4% Black/African-American, <0.1% Native American, 3.6% Hispanic, 5.6% Multi-Racial)
Free & Reduced Lunch: 11.3%
ELL Languages: 23
Special Education: 12.7%

Class Size Targets*

Elementary: K (20), 1-2 (22), 3 (23) 4-5 (25)
Middle School: 25
High School: 25
*Board-established guidelines for class size maximums. These numbers do not reflect actual average class sizes.

Standardized Testing

SAT Mean Scores: Math 608 , Critical Reading 595, Writing: 595
ACT Mean Scores: 27.6


Annual Budget: $213M
Tax Impact (Equalized Mills): 14.0
Bond Rating: Aaa (Moody’s)

Affiliations & Memberships:

The College Board, Educational Records Bureau, American School Counselor Association, Pennsylvania School Counselors Association, National Association for College Admissions Counseling, Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling, Delaware Valley Minority Student Achievement Consortium, Central Athletic League, Continental Athletic League, Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, Montgomery County Intermediate Unit

Notable Alumni:

Charles "Chief" Anderson (LM 1924) - "Father of Black Aviation," lead instructor of Tuskegee Airmen
Henry Harley "Hap" Arnold (LM 1903) - Army General and founding father of the United States Air Force
Chuck Barris (LM 1947) - TV writer/producer; Created The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, The Gong Show
Julius W. Becton Jr. (LM 1944) - Army General, Director of FEMA, and CEO of the Washington, DC public schools
James Billington (LM 1946) - Librarian of Congress; Presidential Medal of Honor recipient
Kobe Bryant (LM 1996) - NBA MVP, U.S. Olympian and member of the Los Angeles Lakers
David Crane (HH 1975) - Emmy-award winning TV writer/producer/director, creator of "Friends"
Kenneth Derr (LM 1954) - Former Chairman and CEO of Chevron
Robert Fagles (LM 1951) - Princeton professor, poet, academic; Academy Award and National Book Award winner
Bobbito Garcia (LM 1984) - Founder of Bounce Magazine; DJ/writer/producer/ESPN television host
Cherie Greer (HH 1990) - Member of the US National Lacrosse Team, U.S. Lacrosse Hall of Fame
Alexander M. Haig, Jr. (LM 1942) - U.S. Secretary of State, decorated Army General
Adena Halpern (HH 1987) - Best-selling author and magazine columnist
Marshall Herskovitz (LM 1969) - Emmy-award winning writer/director/producer
Andy Hertzfeld (HH 1971) - Personal computing pioneer, member of the original Apple Macintosh design team
Wendell F. Holland (LM 1970) - Chairman of the PA Public Utility Commission
Susan Kare (HH 1971) - Graphic designer and originator of icons and typefaces for Apple Computer
Gerald Levin (LM 1956) - Former Chairman and CEO of Time Warner
Nancy Meyers (LM 1967) - Hollywood producer/director/writer; Father of the Bride, Something's Gotta Give
Lynda Resnick (HH 1960) - President/CEO Roll International Corporation (POM Wonderful, Fiji Water, Teleflora)
Bonnie Rosen (HH 1988) - Gold-medal lacrosse star for US National Team; Temple women's lacrosse coach
Michael Rosenfeld (LM 1952) - Co-Founder of Creative Artists of America (CAA)
Lisa Scottoline (LM 1973) - New York Times bestselling author
Behnaz Sarafpour (LM 1987) - Fashion designer to the stars; Golden Thimble winner; CFDA member
Alec Scheiner (LM 1988) - President of the Cleveland Browns
Alon Shaya (HH 1997) - Award-winning chef; James Beard Award winner (Best Chef, Best New Restaurant)
Lynn Sherr (LM 1959) - ABC News, 20/20 Correspondent
Jay Sigel (LM 1961) - Professional PGA golfer; 2-time US Amateur Champion
Lawrence Summers (HH 1972) - President of Harvard University, Secretary of the U.S. Treasury
Arn Tellem (HH 1972) - Sports agent named "One of the 50 Most Influential People in Sports Business"
Farnoosh Torabi (HH 1998) - Award-winning journalist, author, tv personality and personal finance expert
Jim Vance (LM 1960) - 19-time Emmy Award-winning news anchor, National Association of Black  Journalists Hall  of Fame